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070807SS_desmond_tutu00050 Desmond Tutu: Going Beyond Prayer (11/18/2015) - “We don’t need to walk the corridors of power to build peace. Each of us can create a more peaceful world from wherever we stand,” Desmond Tutu Desmond Tutu’s quote echoes what the Dalai Lama said last Friday, “Let us work for peace within our families and society, and not expect help from God, Buddha or […]



I wear a mask.  Not all of the time.  Not with my parents or my brother or my husband but I do wear it with friends, colleagues, acquaintances and when meeting new people.  I’m not talking about a physical mask that you buy at a Halloween store.  I’m talking about the sort of invisible mask […]

Present-day America: A young black man who calls himself Victor works as a bounty hunter for the U.S Marshall’s Service. His bounty? Runaway slaves. This world, filled with modern day luxuries such as GPS, and cellphones, and Happy Meals, still thrives on slavery in Four states in the south because the civil war as we […]

“Are You Ready?” Desmond Tutu asks as the Forgiveness Challenge video comes to an end. Sunlight peers through the blinds, shining rays of light on my computer screen, emphasizing my embarrassment and fear. It was more difficult than I thought to choose someone to forgive. Not because I hadn’t been hurt or angry before, but […]

My short finger nails taunt me, openly revealing my worst habit. Whether it is smoking, snacking too much, or nail biting (like me) we all have pesky habits. Sometimes we overlook the more deep-rooted habits that affect our wellbeing beyond our nail beds. A healthy lifestyle requires breaking these life habits that keep us from realizing that we already have […]

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